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Sell your Chanel bag for cash at Deal Zone in Boston. Simply bring your bag to us, and we will pay top dollar in cash and fast. Instead of trying to sell online or on the local marketplace, you can get a competitive offer and immediate cash at Deal Zone.

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Best place to sell Chanel bag in Boston
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Deal Zone – The Best Place To Sell Chanel Bags in Boston.

You can sell used Chanel bags at Deal Zone for instant cash. Conveniently located in Boston, we offer top prices for Chanel bags. We confidently beat pawn stores that pay 20-30% of what they consider to be “resellable value.” At Deal Zone, we use an industry-leading authenticity verification service when we purchase high-end bags so that we can confidently offer you a top cash offer on the stop. That’s why Deal Zone is the best place to sell Chanel bags.


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Sell your Chanel bag or Chanel purse at Deal Zone in Boston, MA. There’s no shortage of pawn stores where you can sell a Chanel bag for cash near you, but make sure to get a quote from Deal Zone first before you sell a designer bag. Why? Not only will you get a higher cash offer, but also you will experience much better service and overall hassle-free convenience. Average resellers would try to pay you half of the resale price, but we are not an average reseller and neither a Chanel handbag is an average piece of merchandise. We pay more because we value the high-end bags line of business and the customers that bring such business to us.

We have an on-site authenticity verification service that allows us to buy with confidence and pay you top cash price on the spot. Even if our store is not in your location or nearby area, you can call or text us the photos of your handbag to get an estimate.


  • There are three ways to sell your high-end bag: online, in person to a local customer, or in person to a local business. The best way depends on how much time and effort you are willing to put into the selling process. The way to get the most money is to sell yourself directly to a customer online (like eBay, Poshmark, or Mercari). Still, this way also requires you to really know how the online selling process works and willingness to wait awhile for the electronic payout. Selling yourself on a local marketplace (Facebook or Craigslist) is kind of annoying because of the amount of spam, lowballs, and scam attempts you may get. If you go this route, make sure not to do any shipping, meet up in safe public places, and only take cash. If you want to maximize convenience and minimize losses simultaneously, coming to the Deal Zone store is the best way to cash in your luxury bag.

  • On the low-end, brand-new retail prices start at about $2000-3000 and go up to about $10k (even more in some special cases). In terms of second-hand resale, prices depend on the desirability and the limited availability of your particular style. Some old styles can sink to the resellable value of $500-1000, while others can still be worth just as much as when they were purchased new. On average, a good-condition Chanel bag should be able to get (if sold directly to a consumer) 50-70% of its sticker price (unless the model line was sold off at a discount).

  • All you need to do is to bring the bag and your ID when selling it. It is always worth bringing any original boxes or accessories the bag came with since it will enable us to offer you a bit more cash. If commuting is a significant inconvenience, text us some photos, and we will do our best to give you a ballpark idea of the quote (which can only be finalized during an in-person visit).

  • If selling online, make sure to know the seller protection policies of the platform you are selling on. In a common scam, a buyer will ask you to ship to another address provided during checkout – never do this!
    If selling locally, make sure to meet in a safe public place and only take cash.
    If selling to a business, the biggest risk is not safety or scam; it is simply getting lower than you could. Make sure to get a few quotes from a few places to ensure you are being treated fairly.

  • You need a proper government-issued ID with a photo like a driver’s license, state ID, liquor ID, or passport. Having the documents or receipts for the bag you are selling is valuable (boosts resellable value) but not necessary to close the deal.

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