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Sell Coach bags for cash at Deal Zone in Boston. We buy new or high-end pre-owned Coach bags. Now you can sell your Coach bag for instant cash at our store. We are conveniently located for both public transportation and on-site parking.

Best place to sell Coach bag
Best place to sell Coach bag in Boston
Sell Coach bag for cash
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Deal Zone – The Best Place To Sell Coach Bags in Boston.

If you are looking to sell a high-end pre-owned or mid-range new Coach bag, you can now sell it for cash at Deal Zone in Boston. We are one of the best places to sell Coach bags. While Coach has a wide range starting from super-affordable to high-end luxury bags, we specialize in high-end pre-owned or entry to mid-range new Coach bags. We beat pawn stores and second-hand dealers by offering higher cash offers, friendly service, and convenience of commute (both public T or on-site parking).


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If you would like to sell your Coach bag or Coach purse, you can get a top cash offer at our store Deal Zone in Boston, MA. We specialize in high-end pre-owned or brand-new mid-range Coach handbags. Coach brand makes a lot of entry-level super-affordable bags as well as some luxury-level bags. We work primarily with the higher end of the spectrum (we do take brand-new Coach in almost any price tier as long as it is the current collection).

So if you need to sell a Coach bag for cash near you, keep in mind that Deal Zone is the best site to sell designer bags in Boston or nearby areas. We use modern authenticity verification software services and financial insurance when purchasing luxury bags, and this allows us to avoid worrying about buying fakes and focus on paying you more. We beat any pawn store or second-hand dealer on price, service level, and commute convenience. Whether our store is in your location or further away, make sure to reach out for a quote before selling your luxury handbag.


  • Since Coach has a wide range of price tiers, we recommend adjusting your selling effort level to the expected payoff. For example, if you have purchased your Coach bag for $100-200 brand new, and now it is in good used condition, be aware that a lot of people are letting them go on eBay for well under $100 with free shipping. Getting a meaningful amount of money out of entry-level Coach bags is hard. So it’s better just to give away, sell for cheap to friends or donate those bags. Meanwhile, more expensive Coach models are thought after and can justify the selling effort. Consider either selling those on a local marketplace, online platforms (eBay, Poshmark, Mercari), or to dealers like Deal Zone.

  • Entry-level styles or outdated styles in used condition have little cash value. Higher-end models can get you 20-50% of the retail price in cash at our location (depending on style, up-to-date design, and condition).

  • Just bring your bag along with any additional accessories it came with (not required) and with your ID to get a cash offer and sell the bag on the spot.

  • If selling on a local marketplace, beware of scams or robbery attempts – always meet in a safe place and take cash only. If selling on an online marketplace, make sure to follow all the seller protection guidelines on the marketplace to avoid online scams. When selling at Deal Zone, there’s nothing to beware of. If you’re uncomfortable carrying a lot of cash on you, we can pay you via check, Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal.

  • You need to bring a government-issued photo ID like a driver’s license, state ID, liquor ID, passport, or green card.

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