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You can sell your Prada bag for cash in Boston. No need to create online listings or arrange meetups with prospective buyers. Just bring your bag to our location and get instant cash. We pay the highest prices because we partner with an official authenticating service Entrupy (this is how we eliminate the possibility of losing money on fakes which allows us to work with thin margins and pay you a top dollar).

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Deal Zone – The Best Place To Sell Prada Bags in Boston.

Deal Zone is the best place in Boston to sell Prada bags. We offer the convenience of location and the highest payouts. You can sell your used Prada bag for cash in minutes. Instead of painstakingly creating online listings or filtering out scam messages from responses within the local marketplace, just sell it for instant cash. We pay the highest prices thanks to our partnership with the leading luxury goods authenticity provider, Entrupy. Most pawn shops will lowball you or refuse to buy your luxury handbag simply because they beware of fakes. At Deal Zone, we pay top dollar for luxury bags because we are 100% sure of the authenticity of the items we buy.


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At Deal Zone you can sell almost everything.

Hermes, Mcm, Fendi, Saint Laurent, Goyard, Burberry
Givenchy, Balenciaga, Dior, Chloe, Celine
Bottega Veneta, Valentino, Salvatore Ferragamo, Loewe, D&G

Deal Zone is the best place to sell Prada bags for cash near you. Prada is one of the best luxury brands in terms of preserving resellable value. Whether you have a Prada bag, Prada handbag, or Prada purse, you can sell it for instant cash. Don’t waste time creating tedious online listings or posting on the marketplace in your location if you want to get a quick payout without the risk of getting scammed.  Deal Zone is located next to Fields Corner Red Line T station for public transportation and also offers on-premises parking for your utmost convenience. If you are located in Boston, MA, or the greater Boston nearby area, consider selling designer bags at Deal Zone.

Why us? We offer top dollar and give you cash fast. How can we pay top dollar? We partner with the official handbag authentication service Entrupy and eliminate the risk of paying money for fakes. As a result, we can afford to pay you more than any pawn shop ever would.


  • For an average consumer (who doesn’t have extensive experience in online luxury retail), it is best to sell Prada bags to professional resellers. It eliminates the risks of getting scammed either through shipping scams or in-person meetup scams/robberies.

  • It varies greatly on style, model, and condition. On the low-end Prada, purses, and bags start at around $300-500 and then go up to $10,000. So you can expect anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands for your Prada bag. If you give us more info, we can give you a quote.

  • Just bring your bag with all available accessories (box, covers, and, if available, original receipt) to us, and we will make you a cash offer on the spot. We can work with the photos you text or email us if you are far away.

  • Yes, like any other high-value item, it will attract scammers online or offline. If selling privately in person, always choose a safe public place to meet and always take cash only. If selling online, make sure to learn about best practices for avoiding scams (for example, never ship to any other address than in your sales record).

  • You just need to have a valid government-issued photo ID if you sell us your item. It is great if you have original documents that came along with purchasing your Prada bag (certificate, receipt, original packaging, etc.). Such additional documents boost the resellable value of your bag and allow us to pay you more, but nothing besides Government ID is required to sell your item to us.

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