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Sell scrap gold and get the best cash price in Boston. Sell confidently to top-rated scrap gold buyers. Cash your gold instantly on the spot with transparent pricing. Get up to 85% payout based on the gold spot market value for your scrap gold.

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Deal Zone is the best place to sell scrap gold in Boston.

Any gold seller needs the convenience of service and a high payout rate. Deal Zone provides both. The business is conveniently located next to the Fields Corner T-Station on Red Line in Boston and you can get cash for gold in minutes. Unlike other goods, used gold is worth a lot of money regardless of age or cosmetic condition. Sell used gold with Deal Zone in Boston.


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At Deal Zone you can sell almost everything.

If you are in Boston, MA, and are looking for scrap gold buyers nearby, stop by or call us at Deal Zone. We are top-rated gold buyers and offer the best scrap gold prices in the area. You can be sure that you get the most cash when you sell scrap gold to us. Additionally, we offer unbeatable convenience of service. It is easy to commute to use by car (parking lot available) or by public transportation (5-minute walk from a subway station).

When you come in we offer professional fast service, transparent offers, and on-premises cash payments. We will weigh the jewelry in front of you, show you the current gold spot price, and explain to you how much you are getting compared to the full wholesale value of your jewelry. If you are in Boston or Greater Boston area you won’t find a better place to sell scrap gold in your location. For your safety and convenience, we offer alternative options for payouts besides cash such as Venmo, Zelle, CashApp, or Paypal.


  • Yes, scrap gold is just as valuable as bullion-shaped gold. While nicely shaped jewelry or branded items often carry premium markup the actual gold value only depends on the karat (purity) and the weight of the metal (whether it is gold or silver or other precious alloys). In fact, if measured by volume, we sell more scrap gold and damaged jewelry than well-preserved jewelry pieces. The reason is probably that our customers find it easier to let go of items that are not in wearable or collectible shape.

  • There are dozens of places that buy gold in almost any populated zip code. Usually, any trift shop or jewelry store will buy your gold. A simple google search will reveal the highest-rated places in your area. Keep in mind that high Google or Yelp rating doesn’t guarantee that you will get the highest payout for your scrap gold.

  • There are no contract fees or appraisal fees of any sort at Deal Zone. We give you an offer, and you decide if it works for you. You just need to be 18+ and have a valid photo-issued government ID on you.

  • Just bring the gold along with your government-issued photo ID. You have to be over 18. That’s all it takes to cash in your gold.

  • We are a bit biased here but let us tell you why we are better. For trift shops or jewelry stores buying gold from the public is usually all about making quick and significant percentage profit. We are paying near-wholesale prices with the goal to become a default go-to location to sell gold for Bostonians. Additionally, we pay more, and you get your money in cash and fast. We don’t play “how much do you want for it?” kind of games but give you transparent quotes.

  • The value of your gold depends on the karat (purity) and the weight. Also, gold spot value is a factor. A straightforward way to get an idea of the estimated value of your jewelry is to use a calculator like It shows you the wholesale buying price of your gold. The realistic price would always be lower by about 10-15% spread value (typical wholesale markup).